Friends of Art is an auxiliary organization of the Muskegon Museum of Art. Since 1923, Friends of Art has extended a welcome to all who wish to partake in the Friends program of study. As stated in its By-Laws, the purpose of Friends of Art is “…a study group to promote the study of art and to support the Muskegon Museum of Art.” The Friends of Art group offers an on-going guest lecture program and occasional visits to off-site cultural institutions.

Meetings and programs typically take place on the third Wednesday morning of the months of October, November, March, April and May.

Evening lecture opportunities are offered through the ArtSmarts series in fall and spring.

Friends of Arts membership dues are used to purchase gifts for the Museum. These gifts include: works of art, physical improvements to the Museum, books, tapes, and dvds which enhance the Museum’s library, and a monetary award for the annual Regional Exhibition. Friends of Art membership is $25 per person.  A Muskegon Museum of Art membership is prerequisite to joining the Friends of Art. Gifts to the Friends of Art Renaissance Patron and Renaissance Benefactor programs are dedicated solely to the purchase of works of art.