Super Saturday – TRADITION

Exhibition Link: The Art of the People: Contemporary Anishinaabe Artists

Le’Ana Asher, “Aunt Becky,” from “The Art of the People: Contemporary Anishinaabe Artists”

STE(A)M* Activity: Anishinaabe Ojibwa Inspired Raised Salt Paint Designs made with paper, brushes, water color paint, glue and salt
Create a raised salt paint artwork inspired by Anishinaabe Ojibwa cultural tradition — a STE(A)M activity you can do at home.

STEM Attributes: science, chemical reactions, geometry

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

Super Saturday admission is still free at the Museum, so be sure to stop in on Saturday, January 9, free of charge, to enjoy the art in person.


Art Activity: Raised Salt Design Painting

Inspired by Anishinaabe tradition!


Family Film List

About #SSfromHome

Super Saturdays has become #SSfromHome to help keep everyone safe while enjoying themed family art activities at home. Very similar to our physical Super Saturday on the second Saturday of the month, you can expect:

  • Easy DIY Craft
  • Themed Film List
  • Educational Video “Tour”

We are happy to provide creative and art filled experiences for your family, and look forward to seeing you at the MMA soon!

Generous support for #SSfromHome is provided by Art Bridges and Howmet Aerospace.

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