Muskegon Museum of Art Expansion Project

Two factors are driving the Muskegon Museum of Art (MMA) expansion initiative:
1. There is not sufficient space to display the permanent collection.
2. Touring exhibitions today require larger venues than the MMA has to offer.

The plan is to add three new galleries and two new classroom activity areas, along with support space to meet these challenges and sustain this cultural treasure for generations to come.

The new galleries will increase permanent collection exhibition space by 222% and temporary exhibition space by 60%, making the museum more of a destination rather than a stopover. MMA Executive Director Kirk Hallman points out that “with current exhibition space and rotating the permanent collection twice annually, it would take over 40 years to show the entire collection.”

The MMA Foundation Board of Trustees Chair Frank Bednarek comments, “The Trustees are committed to keeping the Museum alive, well, and relevant for the next 100 years. To do this, we need to expand, grow, and improve the physical plant.”

Elements of Expansion

The MMA’s critical needs include additional gallery space, classrooms, community space, programming space, art storage and work space. Expansion plans include:
Grand hall for major exhibitions

  • Two new galleries for special rotating exhibitions
  • Two new classrooms to support youth educational programs
  • Family activity area
  • New barrier-free entry
  • Additional storage and workshop spaces
  • Expanded space for museum store/visitor services


Help shape the future! We have raised about $8.8 million to date, with a goal to raise $9.9 million to complete the expansion project. The MMA extends the invitation to the public to contribute to the project on the final leg of fundraising at the CAMPAIGN DONATION PAGE or by calling the MMA at (231) 720-2571.

Campaign Cabinet

Jon & Jane Blyth
Larry Hines
Charles E. & Vivian K. Johnson
Robert & Wendy Kersman
John H. Martin
Patrick O’Leary
Marge Potter
Kimberly Van Kampen

Dave Alexander
Beth Beaman
Susan Bednarek
Billie Bruce
Claudia Bryant
E. Jane Connell
Gayle Davis
Friends of Art
Amy Heisser
Erick Johnson
Cindy Larsen
Henry Matthews
Sue Ellen McCreary
MMA Docents
Irene Pierson
Eric Ringelberg
Thomas & Elizabeth Tuttle
Steve & Rebecca Westphal

Sherry Becker
Frank Bednarek*
Claudia Berry*
Nancy Crandall
Anne Dake
Tom DeVoursney
Robert Dubault
Bob Garretson
Kirk Hallman
Judith Hayner*
Trip Johnson*
Catherine Mott
John Pridnia*
Gil Segovia
Josh Silvis
Jonathan Wilson

*Campaign Co-Chairs

Major Campaign Contributors

Leadership ($1,000,000+)
Van Kampen Boyer Molinari Foundation

Platinum ($500,000+)
Steven Alan Bennett & Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt
Carol R. Folkert
The Hilt Foundation
Patrick O’Leary & Karen Yamasaki
Shape Corp. in Memory of
Gary & Victoria Verplank
Mrs. Shaw Walker

Gold ($250,000+)
Community Foundation for Muskegon County (CFfMC)
The Frey Foundation
Hines Corporation (Challenge Match)
Howmet Aerospace Foundation

Silver ($100,000+)
Andy & Nancy Busard in Memory of Drs. J. Max & Mary Ellen Busard
The Susan & Frank Bednarek Fund of the CFfMC
Thomas F. DeVoursney
Buzz & Wendy Kersman
Mike & Kay Olthoff
Gary & Victoria Verplank Estate
Shaw & Betty Walker Foundation
Richard & Marilyn Witham

Bronze ($50,000+)
Dr. Frederick & Deborah Brown Estate
Consumers Energy Foundation
Robert D. & C. Corcoran Tuttle Fund
Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs
Steve & Deb Jackson Family Fund of the CFfMC
Webb Chemical Service Corporation

Legacy ($25,000+)
William J. Baldridge in Memory of Luanne Baldridge
Allen & Sandy Beck
Jon & Jane Blyth
Dr. Donald & Nancy Crandall
Robert & Cathleen Dubault
Caron & Floyd Farmer
Judith Hayner &
Char Romanosky in Honor of the MMA Foundation Trustees, 1984 – Present
Dave & Julie Hazekamp
F. Martin & Dorothy A. Johnson Familiy Fund of the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation in Honor of Sarah B. Johnson
Paul C. Johnson Foundation of the CFfMC
Trip & Nina Johnson
Dan & Sheryl Kuznar
John & Jessie Martin
Sally A. Peterson
Marge Potter
Mary Price & Tom Schaub
Jane & Don Tjarksen
John & Mary Swanson

Patron ($10,000+)
John & Claudia Berry
Cannon Family Foundation
Orville & Susan Crain
Gayle Davis & Fred Kraft
Pat & Julie Donahue
Patricia Flynn
Bob & Heather Garretson Fund of the CFfMC
Jean C. & Alex H. Homberger Fund of the CFfMC
Erick & Holly Johnson
Rich & Pam Kramer
Brian & Jamie Lang
Caroline & Steven Mayberry
Mark & Elizabeth Murray
Muskegon Museum of Art Friends of Art
Newkirk Electric Associates, Inc.
Susan Reher
Paul & Evelyn Reid
Sytsema Family Fund of the CFfMC
Tyler Sales Co., Inc.
Michael & Patricia Wade
John & Karen Wells
Judith Wilcox
Kenneth & Marguerite Winter
Jan Witt

Hopper Society ($5,000+)
Joseph & Kris Balaskovitz
Sherry & Stuart Becker
David L. Bishop
John R. Cook in Honor of Jane E. Leonard and in Memory of Ruth E. Cook
John & Kathy Dahlstrom
Anne & Allen Dake
Jan Deur & Laura Weaver
Deb DeVoursney
Eugene Fethke
Robert & Sue Fles Charitable Fund
Shirley J. Gossett in Honor of Ronald R. Gossett
Matt & Amy Heisser
Pat Hunt
Paul & Karen Jackson
Tom & Pat Johnson
Roger & Jeanne Knop
James & Betty Korbecki
Jerry & Alison Lang
Larry & Lynne Larsen in Memory of Huguette Y. Fisher
Mark & Bonnie Meengs
Dan & Sharon Moody
Frank & Emma Peterson
John & Michelle Pridnia
Evan & Lois Reinders
Eric & Michele Ringelberg
Don & Elizabeth Jane Rohlck
Mike & Debra Schubert
Shoreline Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dr. F. Remington & Ginny Sprague
Peter M. Turner
Kathleen West in Memory of Jean C. Homberger
Winberg Construction Inc.
Tom & Jane Witt
Mike & Marti Youngdahl

Benefactor ($2,500+)
Charlotte & Bob Chessman
Orville & Susan Crain
Margaret Kivinski
Rich & Nan Klassen
Paul & Diane Meyers
MMA Staff
Charles & Lureen Mullally
Josh & Amy Silvis
Jean Stevenson in Memory of Dr. James L. Stevenson
Ted & Judy Stojak
Marty & Heidi Sytsema Family Fund of the CFfMC
West Coast Pediatric Dentistry

Friend ($1,000+)
Charles & Gloria Alstrom
Ted & Francine Anton
Stephen & Martha Bartlett in Memory of Robert & Veronica Youngman
John & Shelley Brocci
Sherry & Pete Brown
Lee S. Brown & Martha Colburn in Memory of Kenneth L. Brown
Phillip & Julie Croll
Janet Day in Memory of
John MacLeish Day
Jan & Jim Delaney
Kevin & Sue Donovan
Wallace & Jane Ewing
Charles & Patricia Fisher
Fusion Fluid Equipment
Michael & Mary Hendon
Rick & Holly Hughes
Peggy Jensen & Gerald Nehra Fund of the CFfMC
Sylvia Kaufman
Heather Kettler
Tricia Lamiman
Clara Lang
Cindy Larsen
David & Suzanne Lowe
Barbara Potter MacMeekin
Tim & Marian Michalski
Roger C. & Michelle M. Morgenstern
Gordon Mudler
Ken & Marilee Otto
John & Marilyn Ruck
Laura Schultz
Thomas & Lynne Spencer
John J. & Sheila G. Steffel
Alan Steinman
Bonnie Stuk
Julie VandenHeuvel
Phillip & Loraine Vander Pol
Harry & Julie Wierenga in Honor of the Amazing MMA Team
Eleanor K. Williams
Roy Winegar & Barbara Klingenmaier
Douglas & Jennifer Zwemer

Under $1,000
Jason Aerts & Anne Schroeder
Amy B. Bensinger
Ronald & Eve Boston
Billie Bruce
Joanna & Mike Buboltz
Robert & Lizbeth Burns
Ann Burroughs
Curtis Chambers
George & Deborah Chmelar
Nancy Chudacoff in Memory of Bette Wolfgang Fisher
Santiago & Nancy Coronado
in Honor of Bennette Freeman Hartz
Steven & Darleen Dangel
Violet K. De Wind
Steve & Cynthia Deupree
Charles R. Deupree
Tige Dickinson
George & JoAnn Dornbus
Leonard & Cathy Drust
Dynamic Conveyor Corporation
Bob & Ann Erler in Memory of Shirley Van Hoeven
Timothy A. Farmer
Jack Frick
Terry & Janet Grevious
Stanley & Judy Hale
Daniel M. Hamblin
Ellen Hanley
Nicholas Huryk
Dee Jasick
Steve Johnson &
Jean Chambers
John & Lesa Jordan in Memory of Fran Green
Brian & Gwyn Kainulainen
Trish Kochka in Memory of
Al Kochka
Rhea & Neal Kupisz
Robert & Denise Kwiecien
Lee & Burnell LaPointe
Nelson Levings
Pat Linck
Arend & Nancy Lubbers
Andy & Jill Maciejewski
Donald R. Matthews
Patrick & Shelia Miller
MMA Docents in Memory of Carol Folkert
Rich Nelson in Memory of Mary Lee Read
Cara O’Brien & Chester Winowiecki
Betty Ohs
Richard Oman & Jennie Naffie
Jane Otrhalek & Tonya Rund
William & Erika Paulson
Dave & Chris Pequet
Eric & Marisa Peterson
Lauren Phillips
Irene Pierson
Andrew & Tracy Price
William & Maura Reynolds
Harry & Carol Schmidt
Patricia Schroeder
Ed & Pat Schroeder
Robert T. Sheardy
James Skipper
David Stapel
Marian Stevens in Memory of Cornealja (Cora) Bos Frans
Joan & Marsha Stewart
Robert Timmerman
Annalise Vander Weit
Jeanne & Don VanWieren
Mary Westhoff in Memory of Richard J. Westhoff
Jonathan & Melissa Wilson
Mary Wisnom

(As of June 21, 2021)